Kishore Kant Tiwari: The founder of Roti Bank who feeds hungry & Poor left Us with Giving tears in eyes

Kishore Kant Tiwari: The founder of Roti Bank who feeds hungry & Poor left Us with Giving tears in eyes

Today We all are saddened to hear about the demise of Kishore Kant Tiwari Ji The founder of Roti Bank, who feeds the hungry, the poor, and the needy every day at no cost.

Kishore Kant, who originally from Sasaram, Bihar lived with his family in Mahesh Nagar Colony located opposite Ghat.
In the year 2017, he started filling the stomach of the poor by opening a Roti Bank in Varanasi. He lived in a rented house in the Samanghat area,
and is accompanied by his parents and a friend Roshan Patel.

How did Roti Bank Started?

One day while roaming in Varanasi he noticed one ravenous person feeding something from garbage, he feels very disheartened with this, he saw multiple people passing through the lane but none of them try to
stope him.
He stopped the person & gave some food for him. Later the Good thoughts of Kishore Kant helped him to start Roti Bank to help needy people to feed daily wise.


Kishore Kant Ji along with his friends used to roam in various areas of the city and distribute it to the poor after gathering food left in the marriage, birthday party, or other mangal functions in the city. The Rotibank of Kishor Kant provided two-time roti to thousands of people during the lockdown last year.

Kishore Kant Tiwari Passes Away due to corona:

A few days ago, he made videos, which is now going viral.
In this, he appealed to the people not to take the corona lightly.
he had asked people to be aware on Corona.
The complete Facebook Live of Kishore Kant Tiwari can be seen here.

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